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Service Level Agreement

Revision date: June 21, 2016

General Terms

If the service being provided has a guaranteed resource such as CPU/RAM, those resources being unavailable to you will be considered to be an outage under this agreement.

Shared Hosting SLA

Atabyte Inc. guarantees that your shared hosting services will be accessible for 99.99% of the time in any calendar month. If we fail to meet this guarantee a credit equivalent to one day of service will be provided per fifteen minutes downtime past the uptime guarantee in fifteen minute increments.

"Fine Print"

The above agreement does not cover outages caused by the following:

The above agreement does not cover services offered by or through third parties including, but not limited to: CDN's, Spam Filtering or Security services

Any and all credits to the client will not exceed 100% of one month of the recurring monthly fee of the services directly impacted by an outage. Credits will be applied to the client's account for future services and will be automatically applied when a new invoice is generated. Refunds will not be issued.

Credits must be requested within 14 days of an outage. The request must be made in writing to [email protected] along with the time and duration of the outage. Atabyte will decide the amount of credit, if any, based on a combination of the client's request and our monitoring systems.

This agreement is in no way an acceptance of liability for any loss, financial or otherwise, incurred due to an outage beyond what is specifically stated in this agreement.